E Cigg good and better than tobacco cig

A story about tobacco cig and e cigg. I know and I have heard it for, you would not have started smoking bla bla bla bla bla.
But now it is so that I got stuck and it just got more and more. I saw no way out at all from my bad habits, but the other way around. I thought that here you will never get rid of simply. Then you found an ad with an e cigg on the internet and i thought what I have and lose. Said and done so

I ordered an e cigg

Then I watch some video how to do and was really easy. Now I’m just sitting here with my ecigg and puff while the colleagues go out smoking as for. Nowadays I can only laugh at how stupid I was who did not test e cigg earlier. Because you become so incredibly much more energetic in every way. My training is no longer affected at all and it is wonderful in every way. You can even see how my health has improved over time on all points. Besides, you are quite careless of it so you always lost the cig. But with my e cigg, it never happens that I get rid of it and it’s just so nice.

One big problem with the cig was that

I always burned them on them, but with my e cigg everything is just so much easier.
It was a girl who wanted to sell her house because of that I was a cig-smoker. But now that I have my E cigg she remains and it feels wonderful of course. Now we sit out on my plot and we feel that we can talk that we could not do earlier. Because of me and I am very happy about it.

Who knows what will happen in the future. But we take it slowly so that we both feel ready for everything that can await us.