CBD oil and CBD product risks

There is a long debate about the legal status of CBD oil. Whether it a medicine or a natural food supplement. The main difference is this the medicinal drug is considered to be unsafe until it is proven safe. And the nutritional supplements are safe until proven otherwise. Due to this, a central question has also been evolved that whether CBD is safe for users (children, elderly patients). In uncontrolled and large quantities.

CBD oil and plant

Although there is limited information about the long term effect of CBD chronic use. And its drug- drug interactions with other medications. Human studies show that CBD is very well tolerated up to a daily dose of 1500mg. However, there are certain side effects with the use of CBD that are listed below:

Side Effects of CBD:

The potential harmful effects of CBD oil are few and multiple studies. Have shown that use of CBD is much safer than THC. When weighing potential side effects over the benefits of each component. Nevertheless, there are few reported adverse effects associated with the use of CBD, and they are:

Dry mouth: 

Dry mouth is generally caused by the endocannabinoid systems’ inhibition of salivary secretion. Which may be due to the involvement of CBD in the system’s processes. Dry mouth can easily be managed by consuming plenty of fluids before or after consumption of CBD. That may be helpful in preventing dehydration.

Small drop in blood pressure: 

Some studies have shown that high doses of CBD may lead to a slight drop in blood pressure. For the ones taking medications for low blood pressure or have been diagnosed with low blood pressure. It is necessary for them to consult their healthcare practitioner before using CBD or CBD based products. Low blood pressure is often associated with lightheadedness that may be a problem some for many.


CBD oil effects everyone differently. For some people CBD is wake inducing, generating extra useable energy, but for others, it can produce opposite effects. In very high doses, some people have reported feeling drowsiness after the consumption of CBD.


One of most temporary possible side effects of CBD oil. Is lightheadedness which is associated with a drop in blood pressure. And can easily be managed by consuming some caffeinated beverages which will regulate the blood pressure back to normal.

Liver Drug metabolism: 

One possible side effect of CBD oil is its effect on drug metabolism within the liver. This is especially very important for those taking pharmaceutical medications. CBD has found to interact with the drug metabolizing enzymes such as cytochrome P450 family. Around 60 % of the pharmaceutical agents are metabolized by the liver enzyme CYP3A4. This enzyme is also responsible for the breakdown of CBD. The pharmaceutical drugs that inhibit this enzyme slow the breakdown of CBD, thus increasing its activity. Whereas certain drugs increase the level of liver enzymes that result in an increased break down of CBD. Hence while taking CBD with other pharmaceutical agents, one should consult his healthcare practitioner.

Psychotic disorders:

CBD may increase the tremors in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease.