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Peak Practice Clips
(if you love cryptic descriptions, you're in luck)

+ If I can listen to your chest (sound)
+ In and out and in (side note: is it getting hot in here or what ?!) (sound)
+ Natural Talent (sound)
+ Pizza,video, my place ? (sound)
+ You know what women are like (sound)
+ Someone appreciates my talents (sound)
+ Finish my pint (sound)
+ In bed with his missis (sound)
+Reasons for failing (sound)

Hang on (sound) (NEW)
Happy birthday (sound) (NEW)
How could you know (sound) (NEW)
No worries (sound) (NEW)


+ Bum pinch (video/2,8 MB)
+ Hiding from obsessed woman (video/ 3,8 MB) 
Football (stand back I'm a doctor) (video)
++ Football (dribble, dribble,dribble) (video)

++ Bar room muscles (video) (NEW)
++ Dr. Matt home decorating (video) (NEW)
++ Hands off (video/1,5 MB) (NEW)
++ Happy Birthday (video) (NEW)
++Walking Kerri home (Video) (NEW)
++ Warm up (Video) (NEW)


+ You'll need real player to listen to these clip
++ You'll need Windows Media Player to see these clips

A big thanks to Lynne and Ollie who provided us with these clips !

Miscellanious clips

  + Sound clip from Richard II, in which Jamie played Henry Percy  
(have your oxygen ready !)


 + Small sound clip of Jamie singing (taken from Ironhand, BBC Play.)
(we wouldn't want him serenading beneath our window - no *really* !)


   + Even smaller sound clip taken from TV Guide Interview
(read um .. the transcript err..of the full ..huh ..i-i-interview .here)



   +  Multiple Sound Clips from "The Making of Hornblower"

Clip 1 Jamie on Hornblower, the series
Clip 2 Jamie on the Horatio Hornblower character
Clip 3 Jamie on the Horatio Hornblower character
Clip 4 What the story  really is about
Clip 5 On filming on a ship
Clip 6 On Horatio Hornblower, the hero


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