by a poem Lady Blakeney

They shoot him here, they shoot him there
Those scriptwriters shoot him everywhere
Is he in heaven or is he in hell?
That little sidekick of the Pimpernel

He disappears here, he vanishes there
Those producers send him anywhere
Is he alive or is he not?
Or again, did he get shot ?

A fit here and a shot wound there
Poor Jamie hurts everywhere
Can a man take much more
But those directors keep saying "encore".

A pistol here and a cutlass there
Jamie waves his sword everywhere
Is he the best or is he not
well at least until he gets shot.

A hair extension here, a side whisker there
The hairdresser just doesn't care
Is the fish alive or dead?
Hanging down from Jamie's head.

In breeches here, in waistcoat there
There's nothing to compare
Is he handsome or is he not?
But mind you, he does get shot.

A small part here, an even smaller part there
The casting director is unaware
This man deserves more credit than that
And preferably wearing a tricorn hat.

Drama here, and adventure there
Jamie takes you everywhere
To be or not to be
That's the question, you see

We like him here,we adore him there
We love Jamie everywhere
Whether it is in heaven or in hell
Jamie is our man, you can





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