2001 - A year in Jamie & TWS facts


The year started with an uproar amongst Jamie fans. By the end of December we were pleasantly surprised by the official “Horatio Hornblower” site with an update on the new HH episodes. Unfortunately they gave away the whole plot of the movies and we - who obviously could not control ourselves and read the whole damn thing- all were in great shock; This HH would be Jamie’s last ever...!! aaaack. They removed the complete synopsis but damage had already been done... We, the fans had 4 months to prepare ourselves for the worst...


The airdates of the new Horatio Hornblower’s are causing confusion. In the UK they keep pre-va-ri-ca-ting (we didn’t know then.) In the US it’s April.
Some of us -knowing ones- are already starting to stock large amount of tissues.


We fortunate Dutch few get confirmation that we will be able to see the new HH on Belgian television!! There was much rejoicing. (And that is the understatement of the year)
The first publicity material on Hornblower is popping up. The sight of the New And Improved Archie is highly promising. After two years in the shadow of Mr. Gruffudd, Jamie-fever has now taken over. And we took our first step towards this site by establishing our Dutch Jamie Bamber fan club!!


Jamie celebrates his 28th birthday. We do the same.
We get news that he has been cast as one of the leading characters in a romantic film called “Carolina”.
Tension is building and the expression “Hornblower stress” is often heard during this period. Tapes, tissues, ice-cubes, Valium, buckets, cool drinks, back up tapes, oxygen,.. All is set for the big event. 20 and 27 April are the dates for us. Meanwhile our American friends have had the opportunity to see them and the information and screen caps we see puts too much strain on our nerves and our patience is heavily tested; Jamie looks absolutely smashing.
And then finally...............we watched, enjoyed, drooled, screamed, laughed and cried......and again.
It’s hard, but we are comforted by the thought that Jamie was brilliant in it.
Fans are in shock. Special requiem sites are created to mourn the loss of Archie.
(Yes we know.....it IS silly. It’s only a character, no really it is..!!)
During evaluation there were lots of aarghs, ooohhs, nooos, weeees, omygods, thuds, and more literary reviews of the sort. A new word was added to our vocabulary: Thudworthy.
Did we mention the fact that he was absolutely fantastic in it?? (ducking.....)


In the afterglow of Hornblower, Jamie continues to win the hearts of many new fans.
Our plans to build a new website dedicated to the man are beginning to take shape.
Finding THE name and buying a domain was the worst part of it. We had many sleepless nights in doing so...(well obviously Jamie is computer illiterate so he had not claimed “his name” yet, so we snatched it.) And we didn’t even know what the h... we were gonna do with it!
By the end of this month we embark on a pilgrimage to the holy quarterdeck of
The “Grand Turk” and tread in the footsteps of a certain young midshipman.
(Actually they had to drag us off the ship....: “Miss, Miss would you please let go of the wheel please..”)


The first of June: “Jamie Bamber, This is Your Website” is launched!!
Our hard labour and weeks of preparation are immediately rewarded by the wonderful response we get from all over the world. Awards are being thrown at us.
A few of our fellow fans have been all over Simon Birkenhead begging him to get us copies of Jamie’s first appearance on film in “Shifting Sands”. Simon agreed and set a price - expensive of course! - And we did get it. (He obviously could not resist 50 women pleading.....)


Big news: Jamie has joined the cast of “Peak Practice”
He will be playing the part of Dr Matt Kendal. A doctor!! How much better can it get.!!
The series will air only in the UK of course so that was a bummer.....
Screen caps of Retribution are causing health problems on the other side of the pond.
Our identity, so far the best kept secret on the Internet, is revealed.
Yes, we are Dutch, and no, not German, and no, Holland is not in England.


It is confirmed that he will not be playing the part in “Carolina” who cares....We want the doctor!!
The World War II series “Band of Brothers” which Jamie filmed last year will air on BBC -so within our reach- this fall. Jamie will be in part 7 & 8.
These past months are a bit of a missing link in Jamie-land. Apparently he filmed some movie called “The Devils Tattoo” and it must also have been during this time that he must have met....well ...well ....the girl of his dreams??
In the mean time our site is being visited by lots of loon... erm fans .. And they inspire us to do more fun stuff. At least *they* think it is funny.

The site is completed with a “Jamie and Fans” section and -finally- a FAQ section.
But somehow the answers are still blank..... Jamie is dawdling ... but we love him,
So we forgive him!!


We see the first pictures of Jamie in “Band of Brothers” and the first of the episodes on BBC. And we got in touch with the real Lt. Foley -Jamie’s character in BOB- and learned a bit more about his time in Europe during the war. We were very honoured to hear from him.
Our friend Beth from the Bamberlist had a surprise for all the fans! She met Jamie; yes SHE met HIM on the set of “Peak Practice”. She kindly let us put up THE picture. And her story makes us fans even more enthusiastic - if ever possible. Jamie really is as nice, handsome, polite, charming and erm thudworthy as we think he is.
It also gave us a peek at the new series and its looking good!!



We see Jamie in “Band of Brothers”, aka “spot Jamie”. Not completely content with the result but glad with the fact that he did not get killed, and pleased with the way he played his part, we move on to his next project: Peak Practice.
A miracle happens: several interviews appear in the media, the first text on paper since May. We see Jamie snogging his co-star (or was it the other way round?) and having troubles with a Big Bike.
And a shock too, Jamie reveals he has a girlfriend. Her name is Kerry Norton and she is an actress (figures). Hearts break, but the airing of “Peak Practice” in the UK and the screen caps that follow, make up a lot! Dr Matt is a hit, a palpable hit......



PP continues and Jamie is getting better by the day (sorry wrong show here...)
A certain clip of Jamie’s behind and another one of Jamie in shorts causes a stir amongst the Bamber fans.
We finally get our copy of “Shifting Sands” and behold: the Baby Bamber in a oversized bomber jacket looking very young, innocent, nervous, but very a familiar Jamie kissing some other guy. Strange, he doesn’t seem to enjoy it.
What better way to conclude this eventful year?
Still no reply from the man himself, but heck......... he is busy.

We, the Webspinsters, would like to thank everyone for visiting our site and for their support and contributions to this website. (We refer to our acceptance speech for details)
Please come back again this year, and we hope to bring you lots and lots of Jamie news and other stuff.
(Well, that is if he ever actually does answer his fan mail....... in this century).

Ilona & Tonny

p.s. pfew we're glad we don’t have to do a Ioan-year



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