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A Guide to looking sick and miserable


This time we're getting tips from 'Hornblower' and 'Scarlet Pimpernel' actor
Jamie Bamber, best known for his sick scenes
(No, not *that* kind of sick !! .. well you know what we mean ..)

Today Jamie reveals his secret ten step programme exclusively
for the TWS Website
Watch and learn from the master himself ...



Are you sure this is ACTING ?? Robespierre's Angels ...Yaaaaaaawn MMMMWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAA
1. Have a wild party 2. Don't sleep at night 3. Have your friends beat you up a bit.
I might as well eat this stuff .. I'm dying anyway .. I look silly, but I don't caaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeee ! Cheri, you're choking me !!!
4. Eat a heavy and disgusting meal 5. Have some Tequila and some more Tequila
..and even more Tequila ..and ...well you get the pint ..err... point
6. Throw up a bit... Mmmbbppp
I AM sssssssssssssicckkkkkkkk. I'm too heavy for Ioan. BWAHAHA . I never should have taken that last bottle I hope no one notices I look like "Baldrick' from  'Black Adder' here
7. Lie out in the cold and torrential rain for at least 2 hours 8. Sweat a lot 9. Choose an extremely handsome co-star
(This IS essential!)




And the Oscar goes to :

Who says you have to look good to win an Oscar ??

Congratulations ! We think ..





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