Where was he born ?

He wasn't born, the stork dropped him off (don't tell Jamie he doesn't know yet) in Hammersmith,London,UK.

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Is he married/engaged/dating/single ?


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What are the names of his 5 brothers and one sister ?

Their names are Doc, Bashfull, Grumpy, Sneezy, Dopey and Happy. Jamie’s real name is ofcourse Sleepy (we’ve got the picture to prove it)

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What is the colour of his hair ?

It seems to be blondish, brownish or reddish. We'll have to do more research..

We're still waiting for our sample.


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Does Jamie have any pets ?

Just the dead fish on his back that looks like a hair extension.


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What's his shoe size ?

We imagine his shoes are a bit bigger than his feet.


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So how big are his feet then ??

A bit smaller than his shoes.


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Does he smoke ?

Only after he’s been shot.


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What’s his favourite band ??

Band Over.


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Why does he like Eminem ??

We don't know and we still don't give a f*ck.


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What is his favorite movie ?

Certainly not Charlie’s Angels


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Does Jamie do his own stunts ?

Well, he claims he jumped off the shipsmast into the water. We must have missed that one.

But he did do his own fits..


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What is his favourite Shakespeare quote ??

I am out of a joint. O cursed spite,
That ever I was born to smoke it right.
(Steaklet I.v. 196-197)


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What is his favourite Dante quote ?

My song accompanying with that tequila,

Of which the miserable drunks felt

The blow so great, that they despaired of pardon


(The Divine Comedy, Purgatorio, lines 10-12)



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What does Jamie do in his spare time ?

Jamie seems to be a sporty guy. He excells in almost any sport except surfing....the net.

We’d be happy to give him some lessons .. and we're only asking one small (ofcourse we don’t really mean small .. ) thing in return.


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What is Jamie’s favourite part ?

Whatever that part may be, we would like to analize this in detail with Jamie


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How do I write to Jamie ?

Use a pen and some paper.. that'll work.


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Why did you start this website?

We're desperate for attention


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What does Jamie think of women with PMS ??




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