A day in the life of two spinsters


7.30 The alarmclock buzzes. Waking up from another erm .. *nice* dream about Jamie. And not being able to remember a single detail..

Get out of bed and open the curtain. Immediately your eye catches the lovely pictures of Jamie. And you feel instantly happy.

7.45 You step into the shower, and closing your eyes you imagine a shower scene involving you and a certain actor with blond hair and blue eyes.

8.00 You have your breakfast...ham and eggs, roast beef, a trout or three....

8.30 Driving to work. Put on the radio, and sing along happily to some rap song.

9.00 At work you begin your duties.....Concentrate on the task at hand ..it might keep your mind off Jamie.

With no luck.. On the message board, a huge picture of the boy is staring down at you.. You need a coffee break..

The maintenance man, Mr Startup comes stumbling in, to bring some new furniture for your office. The old furniture is worn out. The word shambles would be more appropriate. You ask him if he pushed the heavy cart with the furniture all by himself. He says "I alone pushed it". But he could use a hand moving a desk. "Heave away there". Your hand gets stuck between the desk while doing so. Mr. Startup asks if you are alright. "It’s just a scratch" you answer. After everything is put in place, you look about you and think: ‘We few, we fortunate few". Pleased with the new stuff you sit back and have a drink with the maintenance man, who says "from delivering mail to shifting furniture in no more than a step. My career is looking up". You give him another cup of coffee and tell him that there was never a man more aptly named than he.

12.30 It’s lunchtime. Your friends at work tell all sorts of things they have done in the weekend. When they ask you what you did, you just nod and say oh ..the usual. (which is being glued to your PC swooning over pictures and other stuff about Jamie).

13.00 You have a peek in your agenda to see what further duties you have to attend to this afternoon. By chance you catch a glimpse of the lovely picture of Jamie you keep in there. You need a private moment now..

Work continues and you have a slight disagreement with one of your staff members. He keeps prevaricating an important task. You must intervene. He tells you he’s used to doing it like that for 10 years. You tell him "It’s not history that concerns me, its the future". And you tell him to do as you told him and you’ve said it and you meant it too.

Another staff member visits your office and is interested in the picture of the boyand wants to know who it is . And you’ll have to tell the long story over and over and over again, while your cheeks are flushing.

15.00 You have an appointment with a client whose first name is James . Very distracted as you are, you keep calling him Jamie.

Things get very busy and you must keep your head or you will loose it.

16.00 Almost finished now, during the coffee break you log on to the internet to get a look at your mail and at a certain website. Outside the weather is looking up. You think to yourself: "It must be something to walk in the sun.."

After that two wasps have flown in through the open window and circle about

the office. You grab a newspaper and try to hit them .

"Did you kill them?" your colleague asks. "I’ve killed two, well one... certainly"

17.00 On your way home, you see a man on horseback with blond hair, and looking at him, you almost crash into a tree by the roadside.

At home you check the mailbox and see that a package from Amazon has arrived for you today.

Tearing of the packing at once, you see it’s on of the Jamie tapes you ordered recently ……You feel better already.......

18.00 Dinner is ready. You eat your spaghetti in haste, clean up the dishes and iron your white shirt (the frilly and flauncy one).

It has started to rain....no walk for you today.

You decide to go and see and old friend. He’s been sick, so you think he could use the company. You tell him he must eat, stay strong. Your friend is getting stronger by the day, and he wants to go out and take a stroll, but you tell him "Are you mad?" He asks if the sun is still shining. You say: "it’s no use, she’s gone."

20.00 You go home and put the tape you received today in the VCR and have a look at Jamie. You read a magazine, one article about Shakespeare, the other about boats and another one about golf.

22.00 Logging in on your PC you have about fifty mails to read and answer on Jamie. The rest of the evening you spend chatting with your friends about Jamie and having a good laugh.

23.30 Time to go to bed now, but not before you have another small look at one of your favourite tapes of Jamie, to help you sleep better and have another one of *those* dreams.



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