Golden Web Award. Our first Award !! Time for celebration... where's the booze ??


We would like to thank the "Academy" for rewarding "Jamie Bamber, this is your website" a "2001-2002 Golden Web Award". It's amazing, just two weeks after this site was launched and already such a smashing hit.

We would like to thank:

-Our parents and families

- Jamie's parents for having such a highly thudworthy son

-Our ISPs -wanky as they are

-The phone company (though they'd better thank us )

-Our mutual friends

-Hercule Poirot for bringing him back at the end of the episode (better late than never)

-William Shakespeare for letting us mess up his work

- Dante for letting us (mis)quote him

- Lady Blakeney for writing the poem

-The unknown photographer who shot the picture of Jamie asleep on location in Menorca

-Mr Grieve for directing Jamie on two different ocassions

- Mr Benson -bless him- for bringing Archie back in episode three

-The costume designers who did a hell of a fine job, especially on the frilly white shirts

-The make up people who used tons of white make up and snot

-Mr. Simpson for making Archie sweat

-Martin 'Shuffle on'  Shaw for shooting Lord Tony in style

- The builder of the well in Lady Audley's Secret (he did a great job constructing that in such a manner a man with a broken arm can climb out in no time)

-Capt. Pellew for not sending Archie to the Marie Galante -with his bad luck he would have drowned

-Mr. Wellard for making Archie look so much more tanned and stronger

-Estelle 'Mariette' Skornik for making Jamie's acting seem even better than it already was

- Mr Bunting..well what can we say? We'll be forever in your debt ..

-To Styles for making Archie look even better than he already did

-Dr Clive for his medical assistance (laudanum rulezzzz)

- Capt. Sawyer for providing enough rum to get us through those long days and even longer nights

-Mr. Tapling, for all his legal advice

- Mr. Bush for being the-e-re for us

- Mr. Gruffudd for allowing Mr. Bamber some screen time (though he could have stepped aside somewhat more)

And finally most of all, to dear Jamie for being the wonderful person that inspired us to build this site.
Thank you thank you.....(and now we are going to do our Tom Hanks impression:....sniff....sob..)





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