What is his full name ??
His full given name is Jamie St.John Bamber Griffith.


Why did Jamie change his name ?
Jamie’s real name is Jamie Griffith, but he had to change his on screen name
to Jamie Bamber (his mother’s maiden name) for Equity reasons.

What is his Date of Birth ?
3 April 1973

What is his place of birth ??
Hammersmith,London, UK

How tall is Jamie ?
He claims to be 5’ 9’’ � ,which is approx. 176.5 cm

What is his shoe size ??
Oh come on, you don’t really want to know that, do you ???


Where did he go to school ?
While living in France Jamie attended a bilingual school.
After having moved back to England Jamie attended
St. Paul’s, an all boys school.
He went on to attend St. John’s College,Cambridge University.
He also completed a one year post graduate program at
the London Academy of Dramatic Arts (LAMDA)


What degrees did Jamie earn while at school ?
He earned a 1st Class Honors Degree in Modern Languages
(French & Italian) at Cambridge.

Is he right or left handed ?
Jamie is right handed.

Who is his family ? Does he have any brothers or sisters ?
His father Ralph Griffith is from Detroit,Michigan,US.
His mother Elizabeth Bamber is from Northern Ireland.
They divorced when Jamie was 20.
Jamie has 5 brothers and one sister, of whom we don't know the names.

Is he single/dating/engaged/married ?
Jamie is dating actress Kerry Norton (the lucky woman ..).
They plan to marry in September 2003 and
are expecting their first child in June of 2003

What work has Jamie done so far ??
You can find an overview of all his work in the filmography section.

Do you know what Jamie will be playing in next?
He is currently filming Battlestar Galactica in which he'll play 'Apollo'

Where can I buy Jamie tapes/DVD’s/audiotapes/CD’s ?
We have listed all available stuff at the Buy Jamie Section

Are there any other Jamie websites ?
Are there any official websites on Jamie’s projects/movies?

All Jamie links can be found at the links section

Where can I write to Jamie ?
You can find a US and a UK address here


Who are his favourite actors/actresses:
Ioan Gruffudd, Jody Foster,Marlon Brando, Judi Dench,
Kevin Spacey, Michael Gambon and Cary Grant

Does Jamie play any sports?
Jamie likes horseback riding, rugby, golf and skiing

What are his favorite pastimes?
Jamie likes to read a lot, play sports and loves to
spend a lot of time in bed.
He loves to go to the theatre, seeing exhibitions and
likes to travel.He's very sociable and loves going out.

What is his favourite music ?
Jamie has said he like any type of music depending on mood and situation.
He likes Eminem.

Does Jamie wear glasses
No.  (He has clear blue vision!!)

What's Jamie's favourite place to be?
At his apartment, preferably in bed or in a restaurant
with some friends having a good time

Does Jamie smoke?
Jamie doesn't smoke

Does Jamie know about this site?
Yes he does ! (*eep*).
And he promised he'd take a more active role
(providing updates etc) in it too !

Does Jamie ever read the guestbook or the forum?
For his sake we hope not .
He does *sign* the guestbook every now and then though !

What do HH,LAS,BOB etc. mean?
These abbrivations refer to Jamie's work:
HH is short for Hornblower
LAS means Lady Audley's secret.
BOB means Band of Brothers
PP means Peak Practice

UF means Ultimate Force
DD means Daniel Deronda
UF means Ultimate Force
BSG means Battlestar Galactica

What is this  'dead' fish' ??
A fish that is dead......
No.. Jamie found his hair extensions he had in Hornblower pretty annoying
and especially when his hair was wet.
He referred to his pony tail as a "dead fish" hanging down his neck.
This story has started to lead its own life obviously......

Did Jamie have hair extensions in every Hornblower that he made?
Unfortunately for Jamie he did.


What is his favourite colour ?
blue and green

What's his favourite book ?
La Divina Commedia (Divine Comedy) by Dante Alighieri
He also likes reading Shakespeare

What is his dream role:
Jamie would love a chance to play Hamlet

What is his favourite food ?

What is his favourite movie ?
American Beauty

Does Jamie play any musical instruments?
Jamie doesn't play any instruments
note: he can't sing very well either..

Although Beth disagrees (but she is tone deaf bwahaha)

Jamie's favorite part he played so far:
Archie Kennedy


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