Sound Clip Troubleshooting


You can't get the sound clips to work ??
Don't panic.
Sit down and slowly breathe in ..breathe out, breathe in, breathe out..
See ? Better already.


Now that you've calmed down read the following instructions :

1. Download the clip by clicking on the link

2. Unzip the file. You will need an unzipping programme such as Winzip to unzip the files.
Don't have winzip ?? Download it here

3. After unzipping the file is ready to play. You still can't get the file to work?
Then chances are you don't have winamp to play the mp3 formatted clip.
(We have made our sound clips in mp3 format instead of wav format to reduce file size)
Get winamp here
(While downloading check out the fun stuff for winamp skins !)