Jamie St. John Bamber Griffith, was born on April 3, 1973 in Hammersmith, London. His father, Ralph is an American. His mother, Elizabeth is Irish and she trained as an actress. He has 5 brothers and one sister. (We’d like to see the brothers too) The family lived in France for Jamie's first few years. He attended a bilingual school there until the family moved back to England when he was eight.
Jamie’s first part was that of a woman! He played the wicked witch in the “Wizard of Oz” at school -his hair was probably long at the time-. In 1996, Jamie went to the London Academy of Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) where he completed a post graduate course.
Before that he received a first Class Honours Degree in Modern Languages (Italian and French) at St. Johns College, Cambridge University.
Not only is he handsome but very smart too!! He speaks French and Italian fluently, -and if he took his role as Archie Kennedy really serious- a little Spanish. After leaving LAMDA, Jamie almost immediately got his first part, the role of Archie Kennedy in the glorious, dashing and daring adventures of “Hornblower”.

Between filming the episodes of “Hornblower”, Jamie had a small but memorable part in “The Scarlet Pimpernel” , playing Lord Tony Dewhurst. But his character was shot, but not before he showed us his bum! So that was the end of that. After Hornblower and Pimpernel, he played in an episode of “Poirot, the Murder of Roger Ackroyd” -in which he disappears a lot- and in “Lady Audley’s secret” -in which he waves his hair around a lot, and disappears again!
The producers of “Hornblower” were bombarded with letters from Jamie’s fans to continue the part of Archie in the new episodes and they did... His performance was a major success, but Archie dies, so that was sadly the end of that too. We need to do some serious talking to those producers. At the end of Hornblower...... well.... thanks to special effects........ he sort of disappears again!!
HE could teach Houdini some tricks!!

He had a role inn “Band of Brothers” a series about WW II directed by Steven Spielberg which has been aired on HBO and the BBC. He played Lt. Jack Foley. Jamie finished "Band of Brothers" and went on to film a movie in Scotland called "Ghost Rig". That's where he met his current lady, Kerry Norton. Next came a part in British series "Peak Practice" playing DOCTOR Matt Kendal - so for once he’s not the patient - and this could get interesting. (He gets to snog .. what could be more interesting than that?)
adly "Peak Practice" met the axe after 12 seasons to it was on to other things for Jamie. No...he didn't kill it.....ITV did!

His next role put him back in uniform, only this time it's modern uniform, as a member of a crack SAS team in the 6 part series "Ultimate Force" for ITV. We have just heard that Jamie did film two episodes of the new series 2 of Ultimate Force.

After Ultimate Force, Jamie had the role of Hans Meyrick in the BBC production of George Eliott�s �Daniel Deronda�. Upon completing �Daniel Deronda�, Jamie took on the very challenging role of Prince Hal in the Bristol Old Vic�s production of Shakespeare�s �Henry IV�. Fans from all over the world made the journey to wish Jamie well in professional stage debut.

Jamie has recently been filming "Battlestar Galactica" in which he donnes another uniform (gotta love men in uniform) and plays the part of "Apollo".

Jamie has blond hair and blue eyes. he likes horseback riding, rugby, golf, scuba diving, tennis and skiing but running is his main sport. He ran the London Marathon in April 2002 finishing in just under 3 hours.

Too much Tequila can cause some problems so it seems , but he can actually sing!! (can he?) You can listen to his lovely voice elsewhere on this site. He loves to dance and listen to rap-music. Well, My name is Arch and I’m havin’ a fit, Horatio is gonna do somethin’ about it......... something like that.

He lives in London, although he does spend some time in the US on behalf of his career.

We can be brief about his love life. He used to be single (and we were happy). Now he's happy (and we're still single ) with his new wife Kerry Norton and their daughter Isla.