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New Peak Practice star Jamie Bamber has gone from one extreme to the other. He swapped the battlefields of BBC 2's epic 'Band of Brothers' for the peaceful surroundings of Cardale. After playing platoon commander Lt. Foley in 'Band of Brothers' Jamie waslooking forward to a tranquil time as new medical recruit Matt Kendal in Peak Pratice,which he joins this week.But he discover that life as a GP with The Beeches has more than its fair share of thrills.On his first day he makes a routine call to pensioner Alice North's house and discovers more than he bargained for. "Unfortunately Matt's first case goes badly wrong when he makes a big mistake ,says Jamie,28 "he's distrought because he has a lot to prove and is keen to make a good impression". Although Matt is a qualified doctor, he failed his first year as a registrar so he has to come to Cardale to retake the year. The reasons why he failed will come apparent later in the series. Jamie,who also played 4th Lieutenant Archie Kennedy in 'Hornblower', is enjoying the new challenges of appearing in a long running drama series."I'm always learning a new skill. In 'Band of Brothers' it was how to shoot a rifle. In Peak Practice the first thing I learned was how to ride a motorbike. I'd never ridden one before and it was exciting but terrifying". Jamie was thrilled to be contacted by the real life soldier he portrayed in 'Band of Brothers'. War hero Lt. Foley sent Jamie an e-mail to say he had been enjoying the show on TV in America. "He's an amazing man - he has enough stories to make a series all on its own" says Jamie. Jamie's only reservation about joining the cast of Peak Practice is that the Derbyshire location means he will see less of his girlfriend Kerry Norton,who plays Maxine Purvis in 'Bad Girls'.She's busy in London making a new series. "Kerry plays a nasty piece of work in the show.Luckily I hadn't seen 'Bad Girls' before we met or I might not have given her a chance !. But I'm happy to say that Kerry is nothing like her character in real life".









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