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Jamie Bamber says: "Coming back to the series has been lovely. I made some very good friends the first time around and we have kept in touch. It's like working with buddies, which is great. You go away on location and work with people you'd choose to spend time with anyway.

"Archie Kennedy is more confident now that he’s been promoted to lieutenant. He and Hornblower are more equal now. There's always been a certain tension between them, because Kennedy isn’t that suited to being a naval officer, whereas Hornblower is about as good as it gets.

"Kennedy doesn't feature much in the books so I almost had carte blanche to come up with the character and his background. He's quite ebullient and enthusiastic at heart but being bullied very early on by an older midshipman traumatized him. He's sensitive and not really mentally or emotionally suited for life in the armed forces but he learns and takes Hornblower as his role model as well as his friend.

"I'm quite similar to Archie in many ways. I question things and he does, too. When he sees people dying around him he is scared. Hornblower sees the same things but he suppresses his fear, because he’s doing his duty as an officer.

"One of the hard things for a modern audience to accept about Hornblower, is his unquestioning regard for authority. The captain is God aboard ship and he has power of life and death over everyone. There is a cast iron rule that you have to obey your superior officer.

"That's why these two episodes are intriguing - because the black and white of these rules get turned into grey.

"By the end of this series Hornblower tells Kennedy that he's the bravest man he's ever known. Perhaps it’s because he's had a harder time of it than others. He's had to overcome natural fears, suspicions and traumas that other characters in the series haven't. But he doesn't think of himself as brave, no way. I think if you asked him whether he was brave, he would laugh."

Born in London, Jamie spent the first years of his life in Paris where his father worked as a management consultant. He studied at Cambridge University before gaining a place at LAMDA. He made his screen debut in the role of Midshipman Kennedy just two weeks after leaving drama school.









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